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00:13:42 ___djgpp_exception_state_number? (snarfy@goodnet.com)
01:30:23 Re: Q: Anyone tried GUS SDK? (Nicholas Lynch)
01:30:39 Bison info. (Nicholas Lynch)
03:55:23 Re: How to program DMA (Shawn Hargreaves)
04:11:35 Re: Q: Anyone tried GUS SDK? (Stephen Johin Leung)
05:00:43 Re: Bison info. (Christoph P. Kukulies)
07:38:12 Re: ___djgpp_exception_state_number? (Charles Sandmann)
08:22:03 Usin DJGPP for Win 3.1/Win95 programming (Nicholas Lynch)
09:05:53 Re: Problems with inline asm of GCC 2.7.2 (Morten Welinder)
11:24:01 calloc() and free() - help! (Rikard Thunberg)
12:06:20 FPU's and Portability (Paul Derbyshire)
12:06:41 Q: asm rep instuctions (Blake Hegerle)
13:52:40 Re: Q: Anyone tried GUS SDK? (Stephen Johin Leung)
15:09:48 FSDB (Lizard)
17:37:50 Re: So DJGPP V2 is excellent, but what's next? (brownk@mops.wl.com)
17:52:06 Re: more sizeof questions (Shawn Hargreaves)
17:52:13 Re: Use of random (Fernando Marcos)
18:38:07 asm rep... (Jan Louwerens)
20:00:00 Loading Selectors (moskewicz@MEM.po.com)
20:39:28 Re: A few questions... (j.aldrich6@genie.com)
20:40:24 Re: more sizeof questions (j.aldrich6@genie.com)
20:51:22 Re: SWORD : little download FAQ (Eric NICOLAS)
22:06:39 Windows programming with DJGPP? (Richard Smol)
22:06:46 Re: So DJGPP V2 is excellent, but what's next? (HASDI RODZMANN HASHIM)
22:06:50 Test setup problems (mll6@Lehigh.EDU)
22:21:03 Re: ELF wanted (HASDI RODZMANN HASHIM)
23:38:56 Re: DJGPP program compiles differently in emacs? (Marc Fleischeuers)
23:38:59 Re: register calling convention (James R. Ashley)
23:39:01 MicroEmacs for DJGPP ? (Nick Plant)

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