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Copyright 1998 DJ Delorie

Note: All documents labelled "Copyright by the Free Software Foundation" are copyrighted under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

All documents provided through the HTTP server www.delorie.com (known as these pages) are Copyright 2024 by DJ Delorie, except that this copyright does not cover the contents of any file that is already covered by its own copyright.

Permission is granted to transport these pages through any network media using the HTTP Hypertext Transport Protocol for temporary storage for the purposes of reading these pages.

Permission is granted to refer to these pages from other pages via Uniform Resource Locators (URLs).

Permission is granted to print these pages on hardcopy for private use.

DJ Delorie is not responsible for any damage caused by information in these pages due to accident, negligence, malice, ignorance, or any other reason.

These pages may not be copied for any other reason.

These pages may not be permanently stored on any system other than www.delorie.com that is capable of retrieving them via HTTP.

Copies of these pages may not be modified under any circumstances, except for visual formatting in accordance with the HTML specification.

Any submissions to these pages (such as through fill-in forms) become the sole property of DJ Delorie.

The images in the icon repository are not covered by this copyright. Where applicable, I grant that anyone may do whatever they want with those icons so long as by doing so they don't prevent anyone else from getting them from me. Not all icons are my own invention, but none that I retrieved had a copyright on them at the time I retrieved them.

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