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00:59:49 add (Wigbert Lindenbauer)
03:29:36 vim and djgpp (Jurgen)
04:29:26 Re: simple make problem (John Nemeth)
04:34:00 Double copies of every post (Stephen Turnbull)
05:29:26 Double copies of every post (kcchan@csd.hku.hk)
05:33:05 Postscript Docs (Paul Harness)
07:30:03 ndmake and @ (Paolo Baiardi)
08:29:26 ndmake and @ (Justin Whitton)
08:32:49 Successful port of DLD? (Perfecto NOLASCO)
09:29:26 Re: simple make problem (DJ Delorie)
10:29:45 Re: Successful port of DLD? (DJ Delorie)
11:29:26 Emacs Error (Chris Strickland)
12:32:23 newsgroup? (Alan S. Mazer)
12:34:32 Re: Successful port of DLD? (Michael Castle)
14:30:33 unsubscribe victor@wsmr-emh91.army.mil (Victor Williams)
14:33:56 Re: Postscript Docs (Greg Greene)
15:30:32 LUG (Mr John F Connors)
15:33:47 LUG (Mr John F Connors)
17:35:08 Objective C (Jon Nash)
17:42:47 Re: unsubscribe victor@wsmr-emh91.army.mil (DJ Delorie)
18:33:36 DJGPP's video drivers (pmcdermo@cs.utexas.edu)
20:09:17 Re: Can I use .ASM files with gas (Michael Snoswell)
20:22:14 LUG image processing library (Michael Snoswell)
21:35:47 ndmake and @ (my 10 yen's worth) (Stephen Turnbull)
22:01:38 Successful port of DLD? (Stephen Turnbull)
22:34:18 Here is the requested repost of the LUG info (JMILLER@CHESS.EISC.UTOLEDO.EDU)

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