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03:05:29 Re: Strange behaviour of maint2 ? (Th. Eifert)
05:05:29 C++ postscript documents uploaded (Paul Harness)
06:05:29 Correction to last message (Paul Harness)
07:05:30 Detecting ANSI.SYS (Andrew Ian YOUNGER)
07:09:24 TeX and METAFONT under djgpp (Wayne G. Sullivan)
08:05:35 problem on MAKE.EXE (Sheng-Yih Wang)
09:06:16 Re: Detecting ANSI.SYS (Grzegorz B. Mazur)
09:09:11 Pb. while reading directories (Gilles Guyot)
10:05:29 unix as predefined macro! WHY??? (Heddy BOUBAKER)
10:07:58 simple make problem (Greg Greene)
10:09:59 Re: Detecting ANSI.SYS (DJ Delorie)
11:07:10 Re: problem on MAKE.EXE (M. Shurawel)
12:05:58 Re: unix as predefined macro! WHY??? (DJ Delorie)
14:08:06 Unsupported Ints (Gordon Hogenson)
15:09:31 Re: simple make problem (Bob Babcock)
15:12:27 Re: Unsupported Ints (DJ Delorie)
16:09:14 Re: Unsupported Ints (Gordon Hogenson)
16:12:18 Re: Unsupported Ints (DJ Delorie)
19:05:45 unsupported int redux (Paul Fox)
21:20:13 Cirrus 6420 Video Chipset? (Matthew Eldridge)
21:23:23 Re: unsupported int redux (DJ Delorie)
21:25:32 Re: unsupported int redux (Paul Fox)
21:28:09 C++ postscript documents uploaded (Stephen Turnbull)
22:18:44 Re: unsupported int redux (Charles Sandmann)
22:21:37 Upgrading the FAQ (Stephen Turnbull)
22:23:38 Pb. while reading directories (Stephen Turnbull)
22:25:26 Re: unsupported int redux (Bob Babcock)
23:19:02 ANSI.SYS detection (Andrew Ian YOUNGER)

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