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DJ Explains Stuff:

Calculate your daily calorie needs!

Daily Food Form (PDF) - a blank chart for writing down what you eat each day, before you log it elsewhere

LC Monthly Data Chart:   December 2023   January 2024   February 2024

Body Measurements Chart - - a year of circumference and skinfolds
Skinfold Measurements Chart - - 17 weeks of skinfolds, 3 per site Calculate %bf from these

LC-Centric Nutrition search - based on the USDA database.

Print-A-Chart (PDF) - three months of weight charting pleasure...

Max Value:
Min Value:
Days Ago:
   Sample non-weight charts:
Blood Pressure (50-170)
Body Fat (0-20) or (0-40)
Body Temp (90-105)

If you are running Internet Explorer and Acrobat 5.0, and you get a blank page when you click "Print Chart" (or another PDF link), you need to do this: Run Acrobat reader 5.0. Edit->Preferences. Select Options. Make sure "Display PDF in Browser" is NOT checked.

Recipes - English-Metric Recipe Conversion Chart

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