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This is the automated monthly weight loss challenge page for the alt.support.diet.low-carb newsgroup. See participation details below

Feb 2024


Participation Details

Note that your email and full name are used to uniquely identify you. So, spam-proofing your email is fine, but if you change your email during the month you'll end up with two (or more) entries in the challenge.

One of my computers scans the postings to the adslc newsgroup a couple of times a day, looking for signature lines that have weight loss information. The lines must look like this:

start/current/goal tag:value tag:value ...
These are the common "what are those three numbers?" lines you often see on postings. The numbers represent your weight at the start of your weight loss journey, your current weight, and your final goal weight.

The various tags and values allow you to give extra information, such as how much you are trying to lose this month, and URL to link to from your name, etc. Examples:

200/187/160 url: http://www.delorie.com/users/fred/
215/171/140 monthly-goal: 5 since: 27/04/2001
The line is accepted if it has the three numbers, and the third number is less than the first number, and the third number is less than 1960 (this filters out dates ;). Useful tags are:
The number of pounds (or kg, stone, etc) you will try to lose this month. If not given, a default of 5 is used.
Your weight at the start of the month. By default, the first "current" weight you report is used as the start weight.
If given, your name on the form will be a link to this. You can recind a previous url by using "url:none".
When you started low carbing. Note that the format for this is day/month/year, which is different from the usual month/day/year USA residents are familiar with.
Your current Way Of Eating. Not currently used.
Note that each month's page is also available as YYYY-MM.html. For example, Dec 2004's page is 2004-12.html. Also, for any page YYYY-MM.html there's a corresponding page YYYY-MM-tab.txt and YYYY-MM-csv.txt that contain tab-separated and comma-separated tables of the data. [an error occurred while processing this directive]