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Int 2FH Function 1687H

Obtain Real-to-Protected Mode Switch Entry Point [0.9]

This function can be called in real mode only to test for the presence of a DPMI host, and to obtain an address of a mode switch routine that can be called to begin execution in protected mode.

Call With

AX = 1687h

If function successful
AX = 0
BX = flags

00 = 32-bit programs are not supported
1 = 32-bit programs are supported
1-15not used
CL = processor type
05H-FFHReserved for future Intel processors
DH = DPMI major version as a decimal number (represented in binary)
DL = DPMI minor version as a decimal number (represented in binary)
SI = number of paragraphs required for DPMI host private data (may be 0)
ES:DI = segment:offset of procedure to call to enter protected mode

if function unsuccessful (no DPMI host present)
AX = nonzero


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