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01:40:29 Re: Odd printf behaviour (Paul Derbyshire)
01:46:44 reading binary I/O with iostream (root)
02:55:40 Size of executable (Kristian H|gsberg Kristensen)
03:26:39 Re: Error messages and warnings... (Ansel Sermersheim)
09:12:09 Re: QUAKE and DJGPP (Leath Muller)
14:35:54 Re: DPMI paging (Charles Sandmann)
14:36:25 Re: QUAKE and DJGPP (Alexander Dietrich)
14:36:27 Re: Yet about MK_FP, pokeb, and peekb (Shawn Hargreaves)
15:07:12 DJGPP v2 versions? (Andrew Tomlinson)
16:19:31 Re: on-line doc. (Dave Pearson)
16:20:25 Re: YACC and BISON (Fernando Marcos)
16:20:58 GDB breakpoint problem (Jan Hansen)
16:22:55 Re: giving back dpmi memory?? (Justin Ward)
16:36:40 Re: Odd printf behaviour (Justin Ward)
16:36:45 Re: atoi <> itoa (?) (Denis Bernard)
16:50:47 Re: V2 vs. 1.12m5 (Ansel Sermersheim)
18:12:06 Re: Library reference for djgpp (Charles Sandmann)
18:13:13 Re: reading binary I/O with iostream (Dale P. Smith)
18:13:37 Well, I just got DJGPP (Pekka Karjalainen)
18:25:45 Re: gcc messages > file (Thad Ward)
18:42:16 Re: Help writing to the printer (kagel@quasar.bloomberg.com)
18:54:09 Re: Get ready to through the book at me :) .... (kagel@quasar.bloomberg.com)
19:02:35 Re: Well, I just got DJGPP (DJ Delorie)
19:05:37 Re: sizeof(int) == 4?! (kagel@quasar.bloomberg.com)
19:35:44 Re: Size of executable (Phil Frisbie, Jr.)
20:50:10 document (Kuang-chun Cheng)
20:50:28 Re: Yet about MK_FP, pokeb, and peekb (Charles Sandmann)
20:50:57 Re: RHIDE SO SLOOWWWWWWW! (Robert Hoehne)
22:41:22 Re: reading binary I/O with iostream (Jim Schwarz x3-7961)
22:56:10 Re: sizeof(int) == 4?! (Erik Max Francis)
23:27:10 Re: DJGPP manuals? (Daniel Josef Dekok)
23:29:14 Re: GDB breakpoint problem (Orlando Andico)

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