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Mail Archives: djgpp/1993/04/28

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00:57:36 system () (Mr. David W. Flater)
03:59:46 managing diff's (Graeme Gill)
04:02:24 Who has successfully run the EventQueue test program? (cs8023@mbox.ee.ncu.edu.tw)
04:04:32 Re: P2C for DJGPP uploaded (LIP@odie.ee.wits.ac.za)
05:57:48 No Swapping (Gilliard Laurent Pierre)
06:57:31 Re: Error in testing BCC2GRX library (phc27@rz.uni-kiel.dbp.de)
08:58:07 Re: managing diff's (DJ Delorie)
09:00:20 Compiling on a 486 (Ross E Jones)
10:57:44 Re: problems with djgpp on SUN network. (Grzegorz B. Mazur)
10:59:35 Compiling on a 486 (Bob Babcock)
11:01:46 managing diff's (Bob Babcock)
11:03:28 dvips (Richard Mansfield)

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