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01:29:02 Re: Inline Assembly (MVICUNA@delphi.com)
03:29:22 Re: dpmii.com & March NT Beta (ckgp!thomas@uunet.uu.net)
08:29:02 Re: Inline Assembly (DJ Delorie)
10:29:02 Re: Inline Assembly ((csaba@vuse.vanderbilt.edu))
16:29:06 Re: Detex and the docs (Matthias Burian)
17:29:02 mailmaiing list (Bjorn Eng)
17:30:54 mailmaiing list (Bjorn Eng)
17:32:38 mailmaiing list (Bjorn Eng)
18:30:37 Another Lost One (jd50@prism.gatech.edu)
22:29:02 Re: popen, pclose, and perror (Shawn McHorse)

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