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From: Chris Faylor <cgf AT cygnus DOT com>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 16:04:33 -0500
To: cygwin-developers AT sourceware DOT cygnus DOT com
Subject: Maintainers wanted
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I sent a plea to the cygwin mailing list asking for volunteers to
maintain packages but didn't get much response.  So, I'm trying
the same thing here with high hopes that I'll get a better response.

I would like the next release of cygwin to be a joint effort by
a number of people.  I would like volunteers to be responsible
for building and maintaining various parts of the distribution.

Basically, I see it broken down like this:

Package					Maintainer
ash					cgf
bash					???
bash, bison, lex			??? (not much activity anticipated here)
binutils				mumit?
bzip2					???
cygwin DLL and utilities		cgf, dj
diff					???
fileutils				???
findutils				???
gawk					???
gcc					mumit?
gdb					cgf
grep					???
gzip					???
less					???
libiberty				cgf, dj (need to coordinate with gcc/gdb maintainer)
make					???
man					???
man pages				???
ncurses					???
sed					???
tar					???
texinfo					???
textutils				???
time					???
top-level configure/make/include	cgf, dj

I'm undoubtedly missing something here, but I thought I'd throw this out
to see if anyone has any thoughts or would like to volunteer.

What I would like to do is break each of these up into its own tar file
and then provide the maintainer with a way to upload updated tar files
into an incoming area.  The tar files will be semi-automatically updated
in some kind of new download area.  This will allow us to keep cygwin
as an evolving entity.  It will also mean that we might need to add
version numbers to the individual packages.

Btw, the next version of Cygwin will be 1.1.0.  DJ and I have decided to
adopt the linux method for numbering releases.



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