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#include <dpmi.h>

int __dpmi_simulate_real_mode_procedure_retf_stack(
        __dpmi_regs *_regs,
        int stack_words_to_copy, const void *stack_data


Please refer to the DPMI Specification (see section DPMI Specification) for details on DPMI function call operation. Also see the DPMI Overview (see section DPMI Overview) for general information.

DPMI function AX = 0x0301

This function switches to real mode with all the registers set from the structure, including cs:ip. The function called should return with a retf. ss:sp and flags must be set to valid values or zero.

You may optionally specify data to be copied to the real-mode stack, to pass arguments to real-mode procedures with stack-based calling conventions. If you don't want to copy data to the real mode stack, pass 0 for stack_words_to_copy, and NULL for stack_bytes.

Note that the amount of stack data to be copied should be given in units of 16-bit words, not in bytes. This is defined by the underlying DPMI function.

Return Value

-1 on error, else zero.



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