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DPMI Overview

extern unsigned short __dpmi_error;

For most functions, the error returned from the DPMI server is stored in this variable.

typedef struct {
  unsigned short offset16;
  unsigned short segment;
} __dpmi_raddr;

This structure is used to hold a real-mode address, which consists of a segment:offset pair.

typedef struct {
  unsigned long  offset32;
  unsigned short selector;
} __dpmi_paddr;

This structure is used to hold a protected-mode address, which consists of a selector:offset pair.

typedef struct {
  unsigned long handle;			/* 0, 2 */
  unsigned long size; 	/* or count */	/* 4, 6 */
  unsigned long address;		/* 8, 10 */
} __dpmi_meminfo;

This structure is used by many functions that need to refer to blocks of 32-bit memory. The size field doubles as a count for those operations that want a count of something, or return a count.

typedef union {
  struct {
    unsigned long edi;
    unsigned long esi;
    unsigned long ebp;
    unsigned long res;
    unsigned long ebx;
    unsigned long edx;
    unsigned long ecx;
    unsigned long eax;
  } d;
  struct {
    unsigned short di, di_hi;
    unsigned short si, si_hi;
    unsigned short bp, bp_hi;
    unsigned short res, res_hi;
    unsigned short bx, bx_hi;
    unsigned short dx, dx_hi;
    unsigned short cx, cx_hi;
    unsigned short ax, ax_hi;
    unsigned short flags;
    unsigned short es;
    unsigned short ds;
    unsigned short fs;
    unsigned short gs;
    unsigned short ip;
    unsigned short cs;
    unsigned short sp;
    unsigned short ss;
  } x;
  struct {
    unsigned char edi[4];
    unsigned char esi[4];
    unsigned char ebp[4];
    unsigned char res[4];
    unsigned char bl, bh, ebx_b2, ebx_b3;
    unsigned char dl, dh, edx_b2, edx_b3;
    unsigned char cl, ch, ecx_b2, ecx_b3;
    unsigned char al, ah, eax_b2, eax_b3;
  } h;
} __dpmi_regs;

This structure is used by functions that pass register information, such as simulating real-mode calls.

typedef struct {
  unsigned char  major;
  unsigned char  minor;
  unsigned short flags;
  unsigned char  cpu;
  unsigned char  master_pic;
  unsigned char  slave_pic;
} __dpmi_version_ret;

This structure is used to return version information to the program.

typedef struct {
  unsigned long largest_available_free_block_in_bytes;
  unsigned long maximum_unlocked_page_allocation_in_pages;
  unsigned long maximum_locked_page_allocation_in_pages;
  unsigned long linear_address_space_size_in_pages;
  unsigned long total_number_of_unlocked_pages;
  unsigned long total_number_of_free_pages;
  unsigned long total_number_of_physical_pages;
  unsigned long free_linear_address_space_in_pages;
  unsigned long size_of_paging_file_partition_in_pages;
  unsigned long reserved[3];
} __dpmi_free_mem_info;

This structure is used to return information about the state of virtual memory in the system.

typedef struct {
  unsigned long total_allocated_bytes_of_physical_memory_host;
  unsigned long total_allocated_bytes_of_virtual_memory_host;
  unsigned long total_available_bytes_of_virtual_memory_host;
  unsigned long total_allocated_bytes_of_virtual_memory_vcpu;
  unsigned long total_available_bytes_of_virtual_memory_vcpu;
  unsigned long total_allocated_bytes_of_virtual_memory_client;
  unsigned long total_available_bytes_of_virtual_memory_client;
  unsigned long total_locked_bytes_of_memory_client;
  unsigned long max_locked_bytes_of_memory_client;
  unsigned long highest_linear_address_available_to_client;
  unsigned long size_in_bytes_of_largest_free_memory_block;
  unsigned long size_of_minimum_allocation_unit_in_bytes;
  unsigned long size_of_allocation_alignment_unit_in_bytes;
  unsigned long reserved[19];
} __dpmi_memory_info;

This is also used to return memory information, but by a different function.

typedef struct {
  unsigned long data16[2];
  unsigned long code16[2];
  unsigned short ip;
  unsigned short reserved;
  unsigned long data32[2];
  unsigned long code32[2];
  unsigned long eip;
} __dpmi_callback_info;

This structure is used to install TSR programs.

typedef struct {
  unsigned long size_requested;
  unsigned long size;
  unsigned long handle;
  unsigned long address;
  unsigned long name_offset;
  unsigned short name_selector;
  unsigned short reserved1;
  unsigned long reserved2;
} __dpmi_shminfo;

This structure is used to manipulate shared memory regions.

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