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Bug 000367

When Created: 05/07/2004 06:20:29
Against DJGPP version: 2.03
By whom: ardhendu_nandan@rediffmail.com
Abstract: environment variable DJGPP points to missing file 'c:\djgpp\bin'
I have downloaded these flowing file in my windoes2000 professional machine and try to run it.
unzip32.exe          to unzip the zip files         95 kb

v2/copying.dj        DJGPP Copyright info            3 kb
v2/djdev203.zip      DJGPP Basic Development Kit   1.5 mb
v2/faq230b.zip       Frequently Asked Questions    664 kb
v2/pakk023b.zip      Pakke Installer             1,017 kb
v2/readme.1st        Installation instructions      22 kb

v2apps/rhid149b.zip  RHIDE                         2.4 mb

v2gnu/bnu214b.zip    Basic assembler, linker       3.1 mb
v2gnu/gcc333b.zip    Basic GCC compiler            2.8 mb
v2gnu/gdb53b.zip     GNU debugger                  1.5 mb
v2gnu/mak3791b.zip   Make (processes makefiles)    267 kb
v2gnu/txi47b.zip     Info file viewer              773 kb
    To run DJGPP I have done these flowing steps
1. Store all zip file in c:\tmp folder
2. Create one folder-c:\djgpp
3. Unzip32 is not working in my windows2000 machine so using WinZip I have unzipped the entire file and placed it in c:\djgpp folder.
 4. set the Environment Variable using this sequenced.
                                         {Right-click My Computer, select Properties. Select the Advanced tab, then the Environment Variables button. Edit the Path (or PATH, whichever exists) system variable to include C:\DJGPP\BIN at the front.}

5. Restart the computer.

   But when I try to compile a small c file from dos I am gaiting this error.
          Environment variable DJGPP points to missing file 'c:\djgpp\bin'
Please help me.

Note added: 05/03/2005 07:12:31
By whom: ams@ludd.ltu.se
You don't say in your description that you did set DJGPP to anything.

However the error message indicates that you did set it to
"c:\djgpp\bin", which is incorrect and should be "c:\djgpp\djgpp.env".



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