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Body Tube Transitions

Note: all measurements are in inches by default (fractions OK), use "cm" or "mm" suffixes for metric.

OD of smaller tube: if custom:  
OD of larger tube: if custom:
Length of transition:

The PDF sent to you will include two types of glue tabs. The "glue behind seam" tab should be cut out separately, and glued behind the seam, so that there's no "bump" on the outside of the transition. The "overlapping" tab should remain attached to the transition so that you can simply glue the two ends together. Either technique works, but you should only plan on using one at a time ;-)

The transition is also printed with fin alignment guides for both 3 and 4 fin designs, in case you happen to have fins glued to the transition. A 1"x1" square and 8 x 10.5 marks are included so you can double-check to make sure the pattern was printed at the proper size.

If you are running Internet Explorer and Acrobat 5.0, and you get a blank page when you click "Generate PDF", you need to do this: Run Acrobat reader 5.0. Edit->Preferences. Select Options. Make sure "Display PDF in Browser" is NOT checked.

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