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Teardrops Plug-in for PCB

Download: teardrops.c (4k)

The Teardrops plug-in adds teardrops to the intersections between traces and pins/vias. This is a simplistic test, so there are cases where you'd think it would add them but doesn't:


Compile like this:
gcc -I$HOME/geda/pcb-build/src -I$HOME/geda/pcb-build -O2 -shared teardrops.c -o teardrops.so

The resulting teardrops.so goes in $HOME/.pcb/plugins/teardrops.so - note that the name is important; pcb uses the name to find the init function.

The plug-in is loaded when you restart pcb.


This plug-in exports a single action Teardrops() which takes no parameters. To invoke it, use the command window, usually by typing :. Example:

With the lesstif HID you can add this action to your menu or a hotkey by editing $HOME/.pcb/pcb-menu.res (grab a copy from the pcb source if you haven't one there yet).

Known Bugs


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