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R8C/1B SDIP Adapter

board.pcb - 45k

This is a simple footprint adapter for an R8C/1B microcontroller. I thought I was getting a DIP footprint (so I could use it with solderless breadboards) but it turns out it was SDIP, which has 70 mils between pins, not 100. So, I had to make an adapter. Rather than making a pure SDIP to DIP adapter (i.e. to plug into a breadboard), I added pads to SMD-mount the crystal and a bypass cap on the bottom, and put in headers for connections. The male headers are for my logic analyzer, and the female headers are for 22 gauge wire.

The board was made with a toner transfer system on a 31 mil single sided board. As I usually do, I etched two and chose the better quality one. I've found that a border around the boards helps hold the toner transfer and green TRF papers in place, avoiding wrinkles and accidental pull-aways.

Note that the blank board on the right is the one I didn't use. As usual, I made two boards on the one panel, and picked the better one to populate. The unused board had two incomplete pads, but it does clearly show the results of pcb's "teardrop" plug-in.

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