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PCB HID Project - Puller

To use this, draw in the 90 degree arcs and connecting lines as in the first two photos (the second has the vias hidden so you can see under them). Then, for each connecting point, position the crosshairs on the point and hit the Y key. It will adjust the angle of the arc and the point on the line to make them tangents.

This is the "before" setup. Note that I've put in 90 degree arcs and connected them to lines.

This is the same board as above, except with vias hidden, so you can see all of the arc-line connections.

This is after the puller has been used on each line-arc connection. Note that all the line-arc connections have been "pulled" nice and tight, by increasing or reducing the subtended arc, resulting in straight-shot connections.

Yes, I know about the one I missed.

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