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gEDA for Windows

This is my gEDA for Windows area, where I keep snapshots and windows builds for gEDA (gaf, gerbv, and pcb).

If you need it, I have a copy of the GD library here in case you can't find it elsewhere.

Releases are at: https://www.delorie.com/pub/geda-windows/releases/

Note: pcb-20110918.exe requires geda-runtime.exe also be installed.

Snapshots are at: https://www.delorie.com/pub/geda-windows/snapshots/

In the snapshot directory, you'll find:

Installer for common GTK et all subsystems to support all gEDA packages (gaf, pcb, gerbv, etc). Required in addition to other packages.
Installer for PCB (more to come later!) - must install a geda-runtime.exe also.
geda-gaf-*.tar.gz, gerbv-*.tar.gz, pcb-*.tar.gz
Snapshots of the GIT repositories of those projects. Note that snapshots are made daily if there are changes, but skipped if there are none.
A pre-built Windows version, ready to go. Note - this extracts into the current directory, so start in a new empty dir. Each new snapshot can be installed on top of the old one. You must set some environment variables:
PATH add build\bin
GUILE_LOAD_PATH build\gEDA\share\guile\1.8
GEDADATA build\gEDA\share\gEDA
Sources for all packages used to build the windows areas (other than geda sources) are stored in a peer directory.

Note: I do not guarantee that these snapshots will build. It's an automated job on my server, I don't actually use them.

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