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OpenDOS News


Apr 18 - OpenDOS Source Pre-release
Caldera made a pre-release distribution of the OpenDOS sources available to the DJGPP and OpenDOS user communities. General release is expected shortly.

Mar 25 - OpenDOS Mailing Lists Move to delorie.com
Daily and Weekly digests are also available now.

Feb 3 - OpenDOS Binaries Released
Caldera has re-opened their OpenDOS download page with updated binaries!

Jan 24 - OpenDOS Binaries Pre-release
Caldera made a pre-release distribution of the OpenDOS system, binaries only, available to the DJGPP user community. This early release was based on strong positive feedback from DJGPP users and the newly created opendos mailing lists.

Jan 22 - Caldera advances source release schedule
"Due to the overwhelming response to my original announcement, Caldera has decided to start releasing the sources sooner than later." - Gene

Jan 22 - OpenDOS Developer and Support lists created
... but nobody seems to be using them

Jan 16 - OpenDOS Mailing Lists Created
Gene created an opendos mailing list at majordomo@mail.tacoma.net

Jan 14 - Gene Buckle Introduces OpenDOS to the DJGPP mailing list
Gene gives an overview of what OpenDOS is.


Sep 10 - Caldera Announces Open-Source Code Model For DOS

The press release from Caldera

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