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R8C/33c DevCon Lab Board

1 x 2 in R8C/33C Lab/Breadboard helper. P0 and P3 drive the breadboard, giving GPIO, ADC, DAC, SPI, I2C, and UART on the breadboard. P1 is used for serial mode 2 programming and UART communications via USB (with HW flow control), as well as driving four discrete LEDs. P2's PWM outputs drive an RGB LED. R8C/33C pin usage.


  This is a composite image of the above board and clips from an actual photo of a home-made version of this board (the home made version lacked soldermask and silkscreen, and had some fix-wires on it, as it was an earlier rev).

Design Files


Presentations and Other Info

Add-on boards:
  Buck-boost switching power supply. The R8C/33C controls all four switching transistors, as well as a load cell. ADCs are used to monitor input/output voltage, inductor current, and load current.  
See the serialtap in action!
  Serial tap. The R8C/33C can monitor all eight RS-232 lines as GPIO, as well as receive serial data on both RXD and TXD via its two UARTs. Bi-color LEDS give a visual indication of line states.

Other Designs

Newer, shorter version, four layer board:

12 x 50 mm R8C/1b USB Fob - 12 MHz clock from the USB chip, Port P1 drives four bi-color (red/green) LEDs. The PCB must be thick enough to act as its own USB connector (standard 62 mil FR4 should work).

1 x 2 in R8C/1b Lab/Breadboard Helper - 18.43 MHz clock for perfect UART speeds, cuttable current measuring shunt, port P1 drives eight LEDs. Breadboard connector breaks out power, ground, I2C, and port P1.

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