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FTP Site: ftp://ftp.lib.sonoma.edu/pub/simtelnet/gnu/djgpp/

Note: Don't install djgpp in /dev as djgpp treats that directory specially.

Note: If your FTP site doesn't have the selected files, please choose another one, like ftp.delorie.com

Note: To view online documentation and help, run the "info" program.

Note: RHIDE has an online help viewer also.

Note: Start RHIDE in the directory with your sources, so that it puts the .exe there also.

Note: In RHIDE, press F1 twice to get help on help

Note: Sample compile command: gcc hello.c -o hello.exe

Note: Use gxx (or append -lstdcx to your gcc command line) to compile and link C++ programs (*.cc)

Note: If you get errors about cout, iostream.h, streambuf.h, or libiostream.a, please read the FAQ

Read the file README.1ST before you do anything else with DJGPP! It has important installation and usage instructions.

v2/copying.dj        DJGPP Copyright info            3 kb
v2/djdev205.zip      DJGPP Basic Development Kit   2.4 mb
v2/faq230b.zip       Frequently Asked Questions    664 kb
v2/readme.1st        Installation instructions      23 kb

v2apps/rhid15ab.zip  RHIDE                         6.0 mb

v2gnu/bnu2311b.zip   Basic assembler, linker       5.9 mb
v2gnu/gcc820b.zip    Basic GCC compiler           32.6 mb
v2gnu/gpp820b.zip    C++ compiler                 15.0 mb
v2gnu/mak421b.zip    Make (processes makefiles)    433 kb

v2misc/csdpmi7b.zip  CWSDPMI - DPMI server          70 kb

Total bytes to download: 66,051,699

Installation Instructions for dos

Follow this example, substituting paths as appropriate (type the bold parts):

C:\> mkdir djgpp
C:\> cd djgpp

Use djgpp's unzip32.exe to unzip all the zips you downloaded into the C:\DJGPP folder. Don't unzip them each into separate folders - unzip them all to the same place. The directory structure inside each zip file should be preserved, so you end up with files like c:\djgpp\bin\gcc.exe and c:\djgpp\include\stdio.h

C:\> mkdir djgpp
C:\> cd djgpp
C:\DJGPP> unzip32 d:\tmp\djdev205.zip
C:\DJGPP> unzip32 d:\tmp\faq230b.zip
C:\DJGPP> unzip32 d:\tmp\rhid15ab.zip
C:\DJGPP> unzip32 d:\tmp\bnu2311b.zip
C:\DJGPP> unzip32 d:\tmp\gcc820b.zip
C:\DJGPP> unzip32 d:\tmp\gpp820b.zip
C:\DJGPP> unzip32 d:\tmp\mak421b.zip
C:\DJGPP> unzip32 d:\tmp\csdpmi7b.zip

When properly installed, you should have a c:\djgpp\bin directory, and in it should be at least gcc.exe, as.exe, and stubify.exe. If all the files are in c:\djgpp with no subdirectories, or you see directories like c:\djgpp\djdev203\, you need to delete everything and try a different unzip program.

You need to update your C:\CONFIG.SYS to include the following lines (edit the first to suit your installation, and if these lines already exist, it's OK if they have larger numbers than these examples):

shell=c:\dos\command.com c:\dos /e:2048 /p

You need to update your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT to include the following lines:


Note that the PATH statement should follow any other PATH statements, or you may edit an existing PATH statement.

You'll need to reboot your computer for these changes to take effect.

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