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DJGPP Zip File Picker Results

FTP Site: http://www.delorie.com/pub/djgpp/current/

Note: Don't install djgpp in /dev as djgpp treats that directory specially.

Note: If your FTP site doesn't have the selected files, please choose another one, like ftp.delorie.com

Read the file README.1ST before you do anything else with DJGPP! It has important installation and usage instructions.

unzip32.exe        to unzip the zip files         95 kb

v2/copying.dj      DJGPP Copyright info            3 kb
v2/djdev205.zip    DJGPP Basic Development Kit   2.4 mb
v2/faq230b.zip     Frequently Asked Questions    664 kb
v2/readme.1st      Installation instructions      23 kb

v2gnu/bnu230b.zip  Basic assembler, linker       6.1 mb
v2gnu/gcc730b.zip  Basic GCC compiler           31.6 mb
v2gnu/mak421b.zip  Make (processes makefiles)    433 kb

Total bytes to download: 43,278,279

Installation Instructions for

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