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6.3 Buggy DPMI host or junk in DJGPP.ENV can crash v2.x programs

Q: I cannot run v2 applications: they all hang or reboot my system, while v1.x apps run OK. Is this what v2 is all about--getting me out of the DJGPP community?

A: No, believe it or not, we don't want to oust you. Your problems might be caused by a buggy DPMI (see DOS Protected Mode Interface) host installed on your machine. One DPMI host which is particularly known to be a source of trouble is the one which comes with Novell NWDOS (and also with early versions of Caldera's DR-DOS, a.k.a. OpenDOS, which is a derivative of NWDOS). Please see if DJGPP programs run when you disable DPMI services of your usual configuration (DJGPP programs will then use the CWSDPMI host supplied with DJGPP). To turn off the DPMI host built into Novell NWDOS and Caldera's DR-DOS, either remove the DPMI=TRUE parameter from the EMM386 command line, or type DPMI OFF from the DOS command prompt.

Version 7.03 and later of Caldera's DR-DOS reportedly don't have this bug in their DPMI server, so upgrade to a latest DR-DOS version if you can.

Another DPMI host which is known to cause problems in DJGPP is Quarterdeck's QDPMI which comes with QEMM 7.5. It was reported to cause Info and all DJGPP debuggers to crash. If you use QDPMI, upgrade to the version 7.53 or later (patches for that version are available from the Quarterdeck's ftp site), or disable QDPMI and use CWSDPMI.

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