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6.2 GCC says "No DPMI"

Q: I'm trying to run gcc, but all I get is a message saying "Load error: no DPMI - Get csdpmi*.zip". What am I doing wrong?

A: You don't have a DPMI server installed, and DJGPP v2 requires it to run. You can either use one of the commercial DPMI servers (e.g., run GCC in a DOS box from Windows) or download and install CWSDPMI (v2misc/csdpmi4b.zip from SimTel.NET mirrors) which is a free DPMI server written for DJGPP.

If you already have CWSDPMI installed, and these messages still appear, it might be because of a messed up PATH setting. The DJGPP startup code looks for cwsdpmi.exe along the PATH, and, being optimized for size, it might not be robust enough to cope with all possible cases of weirdness in the value of PATH. Try to copy cwsdpmi.exe into the same directory as the program you are invoking, and if that helps, change your PATH as appropriate.

If you see the message "Load error: no DPMI - Get csdpmi*.zip" on Windows/NT, it most probably means that you have disabled the DPMI services built into NT. One way that this might happen is if you edit the autoexec.nt file and remove the line which loads dosx.exe, or change some of the parameters on that line. You cannot use CWSDPMI on NT, so your only bet is to restore NT's built-in DPMI services.

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