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23 About this FAQ

Maintainer: Eli Zaretskii.

Copyright © 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000 by Eli Zaretskii. This FAQ may be freely redistributed with the DJGPP package or any part thereof, provided that you don't prevent anybody else from redistributing it on the same terms, and that this copyright notice is left intact.

Comments about, suggestions for, or corrections to this FAQ list are welcome. Please make sure to include in your mail the version number of the document to which your comments apply (you can find the version at the beginning of this FAQ list).

Much of the info in this FAQ list was taken from the DJGPP mailing list/news group traffic, so many of you have (unbeknownst to you) contributed to this list. The following people deserve special credit for reading this list in its previous versions and providing useful feedback, comments, information and/or suggestions:

John M. Aldrich
Anthony Appleyard
Gurunandan R Bhat
John Bodfish
Francois Charton
Bill Currie
Bill Davidson
DJ Delorie
Tom Demmer
Nate Eldredge
Juergen Erhard
Andy Eskilsson
Jeremy Filliben
Peter Gerwinski
Till Harbaum
James W. Haefner
Kris Heidenstrom
Koen Van Herck
Vik Heyndrickx
Robert Hoehne
Gordon Hogenson
Daniel Horchner
Harry Johnston
Martynas Kunigelis
Pieter Kunst
Y. Lazarovitch
Alexander Lehmann
Marty Leisner
Dave Love
Randy Maas
Cameron Mallory
Colin S. Miller
Duncan Murdoch
Rob Nader
Eric Nicolas
Adrian Oboroc
Jan Oonk
Elliott Oti
Bob Paddock
Esa A E Peuha
Prashant TR
Walter Prins
Steve Salter
Charles Sandmann
Terrel Shumway
Martin Strömberg
Andrew Szymkowiak
Launey Thomas
Chris Tilbury
Ned Ulbricht
Stephen Turnbull
Ronan Waide
Morten Welinder
Anthony Edward Wesley
K.B. Williams
Mark H. Wood

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