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22.8 Where to upload your contributions to DJGPP

Q: I wrote a program using DJGPP. How can I make it available to others?

Q: I found and corrected a bug in one of the programs distributed with DJGPP. Where should I put it?

Q: What should I do to upload my DJGPP package to SImTel.NET?

A: If your program/patches are small enough, consider posting it to the mailing list or the the comp.os.msdos.djgpp news group. Please do not post binaries to the news group; only post source code as plain text, and only if it is not too large. Many people who read the news group cannot save the MIME attachments, and don't like to be forced to download a large message; you are requested to respect that.

If the program is larger than, say, 50K bytes, it's best to upload it to a public site where everybody can get it. You can upload your contribution to a special directory on the DJ Delorie's FTP server. This directory is write-only, and it gets purged every couple of days, so be sure to write to DJ Delorie about your upload; he will then move it to the /pub/djgpp/contrib directory.

If you decide to upload, please send mail to the djgpp-announce list with a brief description of your program/patch. (The message will get reflected to both the news group and the DJGPP mailing list, so you don't have to cross-post there, but it also goes to people who only subscribe to djgpp-announce list because they want to get such announcements and nothing else.)

If your program is more than a patch or a beta version, you might consider uploading it to the DJGPP archives on SimTel.NET. Material uploaded there gets automatically distributed to all of the SimTel.NET mirrors throughout the world, which makes it easier to get.

DJ Delorie requests that all contributed packages uploaded to his server be source-only distributions, if at all possible. This is so there will be no danger of distributing programs infected by a virus. Please avoid uploading self-extracting archives because DJ extracts them on a Unix machine which can't run DOS executables. Detailed instructions for packaging and uploading DJGPP-related files to SimTel.NET are available in the DJGPP HOWTO repository. When the package appears on SimTel.NET mirrors, send an announcement to the djgpp-announce mailing list.

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