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22.2 Unzipping complains about duplicate/invalid files.

Q: When I unzip the C++ compiler distribution in gppNNb.zip, the unzip program complains about something called g++.exe. What should I do?

Q: I installed DJGPP, and found two different versions of gxx.exe and two versions of cxxfilt.exe. Which one shall I keep?

A: If you install DJGPP on anything but Windows 9X, just ignore that error message about g++.exe and use gpp.exe or gxx.exe to compile C++ programs. g++.exe is an invalid file name on DOS, but is allowed on Windows 9X. It is included for compatibility with Unix, where the C++ compiler is called g++. All g++.exe does is just to run gxx or gpp. So you don't lose much by not having it.

If you are installing DJGPP on Windows 9X, find an unzip program which supports long file names and unzip the files again. Make sure that the DJGPP long file names support (a.k.a. LFN) is enabled, otherwise DJGPP programs such as Make won't be able to invoke g++. To enable LFN support, set LFN=y in the environment.

Duplicate versions of some programs come from different distributions that include the same programs. For example, the cxxfilt is part of two GNU distributions: GCC and Binutils. You should generally kep the latest version, judging by the time stamp of the executable file.

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