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22.16 Long Filenames Don't Work!

Q: I cannot make Info find some of its files under Windows 9X...

Q: Why does Make behave as if some of the files were not there?

A: Are you running DJGPP v2.0 on Windows 9X with long filename support enabled (LFN=y in the environment)? If so, set LFN=n from the DOS prompt and try again. If the problems go away, they are probably due to known bugs in some v2.0 programs wrt the LFN support. Make and Info which came with DJGPP v2.0 are two programs which are known to reveal these bugs. Before you decide that you are a victim of these bugs, though, make sure that all the files that your programs need to access have been renamed to their long names. For example, if Make needs to find a file called ALongFileName.cc (because the Makefile tells it to build ALongFileName.o), make sure there indeed is such a file in the directory. Sometimes people use archive tools (like PKZIP) that truncate long names, even on Windows 9X, when they unpack an archive, which leaves you with names like alongfil.cc, which is not the same as the original name when LFN is supported. Be sure to use archivers that support long filenames, e.g. use DJTAR, or rename all the files to their original long names after you unpack the archive.

If the problems persist even though the filenames are correct, upgrade to DJGPP v2.01 or later, where all programs should support long filenames properly. If you cannot upgrade, you will have to disable LFN support (set LFN=n from the DOS prompt, setting it in DJGPP.ENV does not always work in DJGPP v2.0).

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