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20.5 Is it okay to post messages in languages other than English?

Q: Would you please switch to English in your messages instead of using some language nobody understands??

A: It is rude to require that people speak your language when you don't speak theirs. Therefore, any language is allowed on the DJGPP forum.

It is true that, since most people who read the DJGPP news group do speak English, posting in English will bring more answers and thus more efficient help. So, for the most efficient help, it is best to post in English. But this is not a requirement. If a DJGPP user has a question, but cannot express it in English, it is better to post it in some other language than not to be able to post it at all.

Some people can read English (and so will understand replies posted in English), but have difficulty writing in English. Therefore, if you see a message in a language other than English that you happen to know, please consider posting its translation, so that others could reply to it.

If you see a message in a language you don't understand well, and want to reply to it, try the Babelfish on-line translator. I'm told that it is not very good and sometimes returns an utter nonsense, but if its translations are treated creatively, it might help you understand the question (or the answer, as the case may be).

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