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20.4 How to unsubscribe from the mailing list

Q: Whew! There's too much traffic on the djgpp mailing list (at least the SysAdmin glaring over my shoulder thinks so... ;-). How do I unsubscribe myself?

Q: I've been trying for days to unsubscribe from the djgpp mailing list. What am I doing wrong?

A: You should send your unsubscribe messages to the list server (not djgpp@delorie.com!), with the contents being just this:

unsubscribe <your e-mail address> djgpp

When you unsubscribe, that stops new messages from being sent to you. Messages that are already in the mail queues of various mail programs between the DJGPP list server and the machine where you receive your mail--cannot be stopped. Therefore, allow some time before you decide that your unsubscribe message didn't work. In extreme cases, when one of the machines that are forwarding mail to you is down, you can get the messages up to 5 days after you've unsubscribed.

If you think you have waited enough and the messages still keep coming, write to listserv administrator and ask him to help you.

You can also unsubscribe yourself from any DJGPP-related mailing list through DJ Delorie's WWW server.

Recently, DJ has added a mail archive browser to his Web site. With this tool, you can list and read the messages by year, month and day, as well as search the last few days for something you might have missed. This service is available via World-Wide Web.

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