You can use DJGPP for commercial programs, but read the FAQ 19.1 for details.

Trouble compiling C++? Read FAQ section 8, especially the first two subsections.

If you're interested in writing Windows 95/NT GUI programs, try cygwin by Cygnus Solutions.

The FAQ answers frequently asked questions, probably yours too.

The GNU Manifesto explains why the GNU project exists.

If you are new to programming, install RHIDE and visit the docs page for some tutorials

If you haven't read all of the README.1ST, please do.

DJGPP is funded by banner ads and donations, so please help out, donate money, or both!

Many other DJGPP sites, projects, and resources can be found on the elsewhere page and on on DJGPP's WebRing

All the sources for everything are available - try installing for the entire C runtime!

"Free Software" means that you have the freedom to use it as you wish, not that you won't have to pay for it. However, there are no license fees for DJGPP.

DJGPP is great for schools - there's no fee to download or use it! (but see FAQ 19.2 for some guidelines)

Problems installing djgpp? Try searching for your error message in the mail archives. Try "since a month ago" first.

All zips include electronic documentation for their binaries. Use info to view them.

Most DJGPP software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which gives you certain rights.

You'll get faster answers if you ask your questions on the newsgroup or mailing list instead of mailing an individual like DJ or Eli.

Most bugs in DJGPP are fixed by the people who find them. If you see something you think should be fixed, why not try to fix it yourself?