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DJGPP Mailing Lists

There is one news group - comp.os.msdos.djgpp. It is gatewayed to the djgpp mailing list. Please choose news over mail if you can, to reduce traffic.

There are three djgpp mailing lists. They are all local to this machine and can only be subscribed to through this web page or by sending e-mail to listserv@delorie.com.

Do NOT send subscription requests to any mailing list! Send them ONLY to listserv@delorie.com!

The djgpp mailing list is a general-purpose list. This is shared between questions, discussions, and new development. The traffic tends to be too high for most people. The address to send posts to is djgpp@delorie.com.

The djgpp-digest-daily and djgpp-digest-weekly mailing lists provide RFC934-compliant daily and weekly summaries of the djgpp mailing list.

The djgpp-announce mailing list is for announcements only, such as new releases and updates. Most people at least subscribe to this. The address to send announcements to is djgpp-announce@delorie.com. The djgpp list is a subscriber to this list, so you never need to subscribe to both lists at the same time.

The djgpp-workers mailing list is used as a "chat" list among the people developing and testing the V2 software. If you would like to participate, please browse the latest messages to get started, before jumping in.

To subscribe to any list, send e-mail to listserv@delorie.com, like in this sample session (replace list with either djgpp or djgpp-announce):

	$ mail listserv@delorie.com
	add list

For those of you using a graphical mail program, this means: please leave the subject blank, put your request on a single line in the body of the email, don't indent, and don't send HTML-encoded email. The list manager is not that smart, you have to give it what it wants.

You may not subscribe to more than one list in a single mail message! Use multiple mail messages. The add command accepts additional arguments, but they are not list names. It is a common, and dangerous, mistake to say ``add djgpp djgpp-announce'', which simply adds one list as a subscriber to the other.

Note that there is no subject, and that these requests are not sent to the lists themselves. Send a help request (instead of add) to get further instructions on using the listserver.

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