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Mirroring DJGPP

If you would like to be a mirror site for the DJGPP files, here's what you have to do...

What to Mirror

You have a choice between mirroring all DJGPP files, or just the current files. If you mirror all the files, you will also get old or obsoleted packages, alpha releases, and a few other miscellaneous files.

The preferred method for mirroring is to use rsync.

I request that you check for updates at least once per 24 hour period. If you use rsync, 3-4 times per day is ideal. Note that my server will check all listed mirror sites once per day to ensure that they're up to date, if you fail to mirror often enough your site will automatically be excluded from the published list of mirrors (it will show up again automatically if you resume mirroring).

At the time of this writing, the "current" files total about 3 Gb and the "full" files total about 10 Gb.

Getting Listed

Note to spammers: This information is manually and automatically verified before it's posted, so please don't waste your time or mine trying to get me to post links to your non-djgpp web pages.

When you set up your mirror, please send me a few pieces of information:

A description of your mirror. This is usually "Country, State" but it can be just "Country". You can add "(slow)" or "(fast)" if your link is particularly slow or fast. Please keep the description relatively short, and check the existing list of mirrors for samples so we can keep things consistent. Note: the "(full)" or "(current)" are added by me; you do not need to add those yourself.

I REPEAT: This information is validated by hand and by machine before it ever gets seen on the internet. Please don't waste my time or yours trying to use it for spam or fraud.

The URL for your mirror. My site will automatically detect whether you mirrored everything or just the current files.

An email address for an administrative contact for your site. This will not be published.

You should probably wait until your initial mirror is complete before submitting this form ;-)


Replace the ./ below with a full directory if you're running in a cron job. Note that you probably do not want the --delete option until after you've done at least one rsync and verified that the files go where you want them.
rsync -a --delete rsync.delorie.com::djgpp/ ./
rsync -a --delete rsync.delorie.com::djgpp/current/ ./


You can do an FTP mirror from ftp.delorie.com directly. It is entirely up to you to find and configure your mirroring software.

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