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Crashes, reboots, odd error messages

* When I do anything, my system locks or reboots
* gcc crashes with optimization
* I get a ``fatal signal 2''
* I get ``Unknown file type XXXX''
* I get ``Invalid go32 usage...''
* I get a ``must be in REAL mode'' message
* Why do I get a message about QEMM's AUTO/OFF mode?
* How do I find out what's causing gcc to crash?
* I've done all this, I need more help.
* Do I have to read the entire djgpp archives to get an answer?
* It's no use. What else can I do?
* GO32 just hangs when I run it
* How do I redirect error messages?
* gcc hangs when I call it from make
* info says it can't find `Top'

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