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#include <debug/redir.h>

int  redir_cmdline_parse (const char *args, cmdline_t *cmd);


For the rationale and general description of the debugger redirection issue, see redir_debug_init.

This function parses a command-line tail (i.e., without the program to be invoked) passed as a string in args. For every redirection directive in args, like `>> foo', it opens the file that is the target of the redirection, and records in cmd the information about these redirections. (See section redir_debug_init, for details of the cmdline_t structure that is used to hold this information.) The command line with redirections removed is placed into cmd->command (typically, it will be used to call v2loadimage, see section v2loadimage), while the rest of information is used by redir_to_child and redir_to_debugger to redirect standard handles before and after calling run_child.

Return Value

The function returns zero in case of success, -1 otherwise. Failure usually means some kind of syntax error, like `>' without a file name following it; or a file name that isn't allowed by the underlying OS, like `lost+found' on DOS.




  /* Init command line storage.  */
  if (redir_debug_init (&child_cmd) == -1)
    fatal ("Cannot allocate redirection storage: not enough memory.\n");

  /* Parse the command line and create redirections.  */
  if (strpbrk (args, "<>"))
      if (redir_cmdline_parse (args, &child_cmd) == 0)
	args = child_cmd.command;
	error ("Syntax error in command line.");
    child_cmd.command = strdup (args);

  cmdline = (char *) alloca (strlen (args) + 4);
  cmdline[0] = strlen (args);
  strcpy (cmdline + 1, args);
  cmdline[strlen (args) + 1] = 13;

  if (v2loadimage (exec_file, cmdline, start_state))
      printf ("Load failed for image %s\n", exec_file);
      exit (1);

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