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Int 31H Function 0C00H

Install Resident Service Provider Callback [1.0]

Protected mode resident service providers (protected mode TSRs) can provide services to 16-bit DPMI programs, 32-bit DPMI programs, or both. A resident service provider uses this function to request notification from the host whenever another DPMI program in the same virtual machine is loaded or terminated.

Call With

AX = 0C00H
ES:(E)DI = selector:offset of 40-byte buffer with the following structure:

00H8Descriptor for 16-bit data segment
08H8Descriptor for 16-bit code segment
10H2Offset of 16-bit callback procedure
14H8Descriptor for 32-bit data segment
1CH8Descriptor for 32-bit code segment
24H4Offset of 32-bit callback procedure

if function successful
Carry flag = clear

if function unsuccessful
Carry flag = set
AX = error code
8021Hinvalid value (access rights/type bytes invalid, or offset outside segment limits)
8025Hinvalid linear address (descriptor references a linear address range outside that allowed for DPMI clients)
8015Hcallback unavailable (host unable to allocate resources for resident handler initialization callback)


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