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Int 31H Function 0400H

Get Version [0.9]

Returns the version number of the DPMI Specification implemented by the DPMI host. Clients can use this information to determine which function calls are supported in the current environment.

Call With

AX = 0400H


Carry flag = clear (this function always succeeds)
AH = DPMI major version as a binary number
AL = DPMI minor version as a binary number
BX = flags

00 = host is 16-bit DPMI implementation
1 = host is 32-bit (80386) DPMI implementation
10 = CPU returned to Virtual 86 mode for reflected interrupts
1 = CPU returned to real mode for reflected interrupts
20 = virtual memory not supported
1 = virtual memory supported
3reserved, for historical reasons
4-15reserved for later use
CL = processor type
05H-FFHreserved for future Intel processors
DH = current value of virtual master PIC base interrupt
DL = current value of virtual slave PIC base interrupt


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