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Subject: Re: [geda-user] The state of gEDA/gaf (Was gEDA/PCBs diversity, Was:
Pin hole size)
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On 28 October 2012 17:48, Ivan Stankovic <pokemon AT fly DOT srk DOT fer DOT hr> wrote:
> Right. Big projects need flexibility that only gEDA can provide and the
> users are accustomed to its configuration. Since, as everyone knows, the
> best way to extend or configure gEDA is by using a C compiler, the fact
> that there are so many gEDA forks out there is a clear testament of the
> toolkit's adoption and strengths.

I am looking for those gEDA forks for my own interest. I found the
ones on github and Bernd Jendrissek's on repo.or.cz. In the forks I
have found so far, only Bernd's is diverging so much from the original
code base that it can really be called a fork. (Like when inkscape
forked from sodipodi and became what it is today.) The github stuff
seems more like feature branches where the best stuff get merged back.
If a fork changed name, to reflect its strive for individuality, I
have not yet found them, and would be happy to learn their location. I
think I am most interested in the parts up and until the end of
gnetlist, that is, all the stuff which lead to a netlist output.


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