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Thread: Frames, NoFrames, TwoWindows

On Fri, 06 Oct 2017 05:02:47 -0400, Rod Pemberton wrote:
> Apparently, you can't read, nor comprehend.  I quoted the RFC for you

Getting old & ranty, eh ? :)

> The format is standardized for Usenet. This group is on Usenet. So,
> "we" do tell people how to properly format messages for Usenet.

While I agree that it is usually better to quote a minimal context 
instead of top- or bottom-posting, I definitely agree with Dj that it's 
not something anyone can or should impose, even less so in a harsh way.

The fact that Rugxulo obviously answered from outside of the Usenet calls 
for an even higher dose of tolerance.

Still, if one would really want to go anal about this RFC stuff, then:

1. RFC are no standards, otherwise they wouldn't be called "RFCs" in the 
first place

2. The very same RFC you mention does say:

"this Guide offers a minimum set of behaviors which organizations and
 individuals may take and adapt for their own use."
Even if the RFCs were any kind of golden rule that everyone has to follow 
(which they are not!), this particular RFC makes itself optional anyway.

> If you were familiar with any other Usenet group, e.g., going back to
> the 1980's, as I am, then you'd also know that it is the norm
> everywhere on Usenet to correct bottom-posted posts

In this line of thoughts, you could also add that flaming around with 
nonsense about bottom- vs top- vs thread-posting was also the norm 
"everywhere on Usenet". Let's not get back to that.


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