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Subject: Re: DOSBox?
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Thread: Frames, NoFrames, TwoWindows

Rod Pemberton <EmailNullFile AT voenflacbe DOT cpm> writes:
> Bottom posting is standard Usenet etiquette.

First off, it's not bottom posting, it's threaded posting, like I'm
doing.  Bottom posting is discouraged as it makes the user page through
reams of quoted message before getting to anything new.  Trim and inline
is the norm - context, not copy.

> Please don't attempt to tell any further lies

I object to your insults, and I was not lying.  I stated that *this*
forum is not a dictatorship, and it's not.  Lest you forget, the djgpp
newsgroup is gatewayed (and always has been, as per its charter) to the
djgpp mailing list, which means your assumption that only usenet rules
apply is false.  The messages you were replying to did not originate on

> as you know full well that bottom posting to Usenet was standardized:

"Guidelines" are not requirements.  I agree that including minimal
context is useful, but that doesn't give me or you the right to force
someone else to obey those guidelines.  And certainly, the djgpp list
has long encouraged people to be polite and civil, not contemptuous and
demanding.  Your rules are not everyone's rules.

And your demand that the OP bottom post was itself top-posted, which I
find amusingly ironic.  You didn't even say "please" either.  And you
didn't trim the quoted text.  And your signature block is two lines
longer than the customary four.

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