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Subject: Re: Compile errors: getopt.h: no such file or dir (ENOENT), etc.
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Thread: Frames, NoFrames, TwoWindows


> No. You could with a cross-compiler compile on DOZE to Linux as it's a
> Linux program, ...
Which cross-compiler on DOS to Linux would you recommend? Are there many
such cross-compilers out there?  Not that I would really want to try
this "compile in DOS and target to Linux" route since it should be
simpler just to compile the program directly in unix. But it would be
something interesting to be aware of... :)

> If you want I can compile it for you in Linux. Then you could get a
> single-floppy Linux distribution, boot that and run the program I
> compiled for you.
Thanks for the offer. I'll try compiling it on my Linux machine first.
If I need extra help, I'll let you know.


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