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06:39:10 installation problem (Dashamir Hoxha)
07:15:05 Re: Allegro question (Manni Heumann)
07:30:04 Re: installation problem (Martin Str|mberg)
14:45:24 Library as .o and .h ? [UPT] (Rafal Maj (Raf256))
14:52:02 Re: Library as .o and .h ? [UPT] (DJ Delorie)
15:14:34 Re: Library as .o and .h ? [UPT] (phyllis.vanderbeck@firstunion.com)
16:25:52 newbie error (Forgot10Shadow@aol.com)
18:00:13 Any trick to install GCC 3.0 ? (Dragón)
19:45:11 Names allowed in macros (Rafal Maj (Raf256))
19:51:11 Re: Names allowed in macros (DJ Delorie)
20:43:22 thanks for making DJGPP... (Ray Mendoza)
20:51:48 Re: thanks for making DJGPP... (DJ Delorie)
22:00:19 Re: thanks for making DJGPP... (Paul M)
22:03:16 Re: thanks for making DJGPP... (DJ Delorie)

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