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Mail Archives: djgpp/1996/05/07

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00:11:23 Hey GEEK! (Ronald R. Ohmer Jr.)
01:22:08 Re: Lots of Q's (Eli Zaretskii)
03:19:41 Re: DJGPP program compiles differently in emacs? (Eli Zaretskii)
08:32:51 Re: Lots of Q's (martynas.kunigelis@VM.KTU.LT)
08:33:02 Re: Hey GEEK! (martynas.kunigelis@VM.KTU.LT)
09:40:58 Re: Lots of Q's (Eli Zaretskii)
12:36:57 Re: DOS4GW (Rafael R. Sevilla)
13:30:50 Re: i/o file handling - integers (Robert Hoehne)
14:46:00 Re: Hey GEEK! (Luis G. Hernández Ureña)
16:31:36 totally crazed output (Justin Ward)
16:41:10 ANSI C signal definitions (Barry A Giffel)
17:31:48 wxWindows 1.66 ? (Thomas -0S11 Heurung)
20:27:09 my allegro problems (Hafiz Awang Pon)
20:38:17 Re: totally crazed output (DJ Delorie)
20:38:28 Re: ANSI C signal definitions (DJ Delorie)
21:15:27 Re: ANSI C signal definitions (Orlando Andico)
21:33:22 Re: page mapping (again! sorry!) (T.W. Seddon)
21:33:35 Q: Anyone tried GUS SDK? (Stephen Johin Leung)
22:18:21 Re: V2, GRX20 and et3000-video-card? (Hartmut Schirmer)
22:33:15 GDB feature needed (71101.1702@compuserve.com)
23:34:15 Re: dxegen questions (Malcolm Taylor)

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