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Date: Mon, 6 May 96 13:18:00 UTC 0000
To: djgpp AT delorie DOT com
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Subject: Re: GRX 2.0 and Windows troubl

Reply to message 4162754    from ELIZ AT IS DOT ELTA. on 05/06/96  2:32AM

>I think Windows doesn't always save the contents of the screen when you
>switch modes, because text mode is emulated by Windows, at least for some
>settings of the PIF file.  Try saving the contents of the text screen and
>restoring it when you get back to text mode.  (It's possible you can
>achieve the same by changing some PIF settings, but I won't recommend
>relying on this as you can't assume your users know enough about it.)

You can change PIF settings to save the contents of the text screen.  It is
in the Advanced section, under Display Options:  Monitor Ports.  Check the
text mode box.  I recommend reading the help about it too, because it
mentions something that sounds exactly like this person's problem.  As far
as distributing, just distribute the PIF along with the program!


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