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Mail Archives: djgpp-workers/1999/09/21/06:54:06

From: pavenis AT lanet DOT lv
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Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 13:37:23 +0300
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Subject: Re: FSDB broken in CVS version?
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On 20 Sep 99, at 19:41, pavenis AT lanet DOT lv wrote:

> Hi!
> Seems that FSDB is broken in current CVS version of DJGPP (I haven't 
> used FSDB much in last time, so didn't notice it earlier):
> 	stepping over call instruction does not work as debugger is
>        not getting control after that (program runs up to end)
> I checked some my own builds of djdev beginning from 99/07/28 and
> 990805 and 990819 alpha versions from Simtelnet. All have this 
> problem. Verified for control: djdev202 is Ok. It should not be gcc-
> 2.95.X related problem as alpha versions from Simtelnet also have this 
> problem

Updated CVS version to the date July 1, 1999:

cvs -z 4 get -D 07/01/1999 djgpp 

(I hope the command was Ok, as I don't have big experience with CVS)

At least tests shows that 990701 version compiled with gcc-2.95.1 cross-compiler
on Linux have working FSDB. Soo seems that some change in July have 
broken FSDB. Maybe I'll check more sometime later.


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