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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 20:34:36 -0500
From: John Fortin <fortinj AT ibm DOT net>
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To: Chris Faylor <cgf AT cygnus DOT com>
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<cygwin-developers AT sourceware DOT cygnus DOT com>
Subject: Re: Maintainers wanted
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Hi Chris,
	I may be interested, but I need more info on what is involved in
"maintaining packages".


Chris Faylor wrote:
> I sent a plea to the cygwin mailing list asking for volunteers to
> maintain packages but didn't get much response.  So, I'm trying
> the same thing here with high hopes that I'll get a better response.
> I would like the next release of cygwin to be a joint effort by
> a number of people.  I would like volunteers to be responsible
> for building and maintaining various parts of the distribution.
> Basically, I see it broken down like this:
> Package                                 Maintainer
> --------------------------------------------------
> ash                                     cgf
> bash                                    ???
> bash, bison, lex                        ??? (not much activity anticipated here)
> binutils                                mumit?
> bzip2                                   ???
> cygwin DLL and utilities                cgf, dj
> diff                                    ???
> fileutils                               ???
> findutils                               ???
> gawk                                    ???
> gcc                                     mumit?
> gdb                                     cgf
> grep                                    ???
> gzip                                    ???
> less                                    ???
> libiberty                               cgf, dj (need to coordinate with gcc/gdb maintainer)
> make                                    ???
> man                                     ???
> man pages                               ???
> ncurses                                 ???
> sed                                     ???
> tar                                     ???
> texinfo                                 ???
> textutils                               ???
> time                                    ???
> top-level configure/make/include        cgf, dj
> I'm undoubtedly missing something here, but I thought I'd throw this out
> to see if anyone has any thoughts or would like to volunteer.
> What I would like to do is break each of these up into its own tar file
> and then provide the maintainer with a way to upload updated tar files
> into an incoming area.  The tar files will be semi-automatically updated
> in some kind of new download area.  This will allow us to keep cygwin
> as an evolving entity.  It will also mean that we might need to add
> version numbers to the individual packages.
> Btw, the next version of Cygwin will be 1.1.0.  DJ and I have decided to
> adopt the linux method for numbering releases.
> Thoughts?
> cgf

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