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From: gnworb AT hotmail DOT com (graham brown)
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2 Jan 1999 09:53:35 -0800 :
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I got cygwin so that I could install perl without all the activestate MS 
sponsored bullshit. Ofcourse perl doesn't install on this undocumented 
red herring of a bloated tar file.
First of all you need to install linux on your PC and then just follow
the intrsructions with the perl distribution and give up on win32 
infestations altogether.

Other users should ask themselves the following questions
How much time have you wasted with Cygwin ? Be honest withyourself. Does
this thing work and if it did how could you find out how to use it ? No
docs, crappy success list so why use it, why expend so much energy
developing it when the David Korn has cracked the unix/win32 thing
anyway ? Why do you want a toy unix on your PC when you can have the
real thing ? OK mixing and matching win32 would be good if you could get
programs like perl to work but just look at the success rate of this
cygwin thing and ask yourself are any of the prgrams it'll compile
binary mode text mode ? (god knows) really worth having on anything
other than a unix system

Geeks get some direction in your lives don't just play. Your on the
verge of something with linux, free software and the possible downfall
of Microsoft don't blow it with irrelevancies such as this.
Cygwin has taken a whole week out of my life. Linux wouldn't been
dropped long ago if weren't so together. There's a peculiar congitive
dissonance about Cygwin and there ain't nowhere where your going to get
the thing explained in terms of what you want to do as a pragmatic
programmer. It's just a computer geeks wet dream. Wake up and get on
with it !

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