The Ace of Penguins


Copyright 1998 by Martin Thornquist

Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, see for details.

Modified by DJ Delorie


The Goal

The goal of thornq is to move all the cards to the four stacks in the upper right of the window.


How to Play

You may move any card facing up in one of the eight main stacks onto one of the other main stacks following suit and in descending order moving along any cards that are on top of the one you move. The cards you are moving do not have to be in order!

You may place one card at a time onto the output stacks in the upper right. Aces may go onto any empty output stack. Other cards must go onto the same suit and in ascending order (ace, 2, etc, king). Note that the computer does this for you automatically.


Using the Mouse

The left button is used to move cards around. Move the mouse over the card, press and hold the left button, and move the mouse. The cards follow the mouse.

If you click the left mouse button twice quickly without moving the mouse (double clicking), the computer will Attempt to do "the right thing" - if you double click on the bottom card, it tries to find the card that goes on it, else it tries to move the card you double clicked on to the bottom of another stack.

The right button can be used to "peek" at an obscured card.


Using the Keyboard

The spacebar tells the computer to do "the right thing". The a key gives you a hint, the A key toggles auto-hint mode.

The q Esc and Ctrl-C keys quit the game. The F2 and r keys restart the game. The F1 and h keys show this help.

When viewing help, the space bar, F1 or Esc return you to your game. Numbers show that section (0 for any pre-header section). Letters show section starting with that letter.



This program is Copyright 1998 by Martin Thornquist

The Ace of Penguins is Copyright 1998 by DJ Delorie

The Ace of Penguins system was written by DJ Delorie, so that his wife Pat could play her favorite Windows 95 games on his Linux laptop. Credits goes to him for writing the library.