The Ace of Penguins


Copyright 1998 by DJ Delorie

Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, see http://www.gnu.org/ for details.

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The goal of Minesweeper is to correctly flag all the mines and uncover all the other squares.

When you are uncovering a square, the penguin is scared.

When you lose, the penguin is sad.

When you wins, the penguin puts on cool sunglasses.


How to Play

Some of the squares have land mines (bombs) under them. Use the left mouse button to select squares. If there is a bomb under the square you select, you lose. If not, the uncovered square may have a number in it - if so, then that many of that square's neighbors have bombs in them (you don't know which). Use logic to figure out which have mines and which don't.

The right mouse button is used to "tag" covered squares. You can tag a square with a flag (to indicate that you think there's a mine there) or with a question mark (which is just a reminder to you if you want it). Keep clicking to change the tags. Right-clicking on an uncovered square will automatically flag or uncover adjacent squares if the computer can determine that it's safe to do so.


Using the Mouse

The left button uncovers squares. If you left-click on the penguin, it restarts the game.

The right button flags (or tags or unflags) covered squares. If you right-click on a numbered square, the computer may automatically flag or uncover adjacent squares if it can safely do so. Right-clicking on the penguin will make the computer auto-play as far as it safely can.


Using the Keyboard

The 1..4 keys select the game skill level (1 is easiest). The a key auto-plays. The 6..9 keys demonstrate the penguin's various poses.

The q Esc and Ctrl-C keys quit the game. The F2 key restarts the game. The F1 key shows this help.

When viewing help, the space bar, F1 or Esc return you to your game. Numbers show that section (0 for any pre-header section). Letters show section starting with that letter.



This program is Copyright 1998 by DJ Delorie

The Ace of Penguins system was written by me, DJ Delorie, so that my wife Pat could play her favorite Windows 95 games on my Linux laptop. She gets credit for hours of testing ;-)

Many thanks to the SGI, Linux, and GNU developers, for the tools and systems I use.

Special thanks to Rebecca, for showing that test2 was a useful program.